Rhonda Patterson-Eachus
Beautiful Pictures! Thanks for being there!
Shay Fabbro(non-registered)
These pictures are astounding. You really capture the heart and soul of our furry friends and family :)
Rich Fabbro(non-registered)
I think you've got a bright future in the professional photography business. The home photos are top notch!
Charlie ringer(non-registered)
Looks great,like a pro
Wayne Ramsay(non-registered)
Top to bottom - this is fabulous work. For someone (like me) working on disc dog and dock dog competitions, these are examples of the highest quality.

Thank you.
Phyllis Simon(non-registered)
WOW best flyball tournament photos I've seen yet! Thank you for taking so many of my Bailey and he's even the "cover boy" for last weekend's Arapahoe Tournament.


Not bad for an adopted shelter mutt. :)
Barbara and Marc Weiss(non-registered)
We loved seeing the slide show, especially the photo of Jaxon - it's awesome! you are very talented, Mark.
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